I reached out to Jorge because my horse was having constant health issues. It was not a particular thing, just a series of little ailments that were keeping him out of the training arena. I could not understand why we were not able to conquer one thing, without having another come up. Jorge worked on my 12 year old horse and noticed that he was dealing with some emotional issues that blocked his ability to get well. He had 2 face to face meetings and several remote sessions and my horse is now one of the top performers of his class. It is amazing how well and quickly he responded to the therapy and how we have not had any issues come back. Jorge also helped my horse and I bond at an energetic level and the level of communication we have now is wonderful. I am very grateful for this, and I know my horse is as well!


My experience with energy got much better when I began to receive my Quantum Touch sessions with Jorge. Every session is a trip of information and great sensations.

I´m a healer and I work with energy every day, I learned my first level of Quantum Touch with Jorge. More and more I have been understanding energy since my practice with Quantum Touch.

I make my breathing and visualizations of Quantum Touch every day, and every purpose or intention I put in my heart, just flows to the Universe by activating my energy. It’s a kind of magic, now I know in my heart and understand everything is energy.

I practice it with my partner and our relationship is very profound, we can get together or feel each other only by our intention, with the practice of Quantum Touch.

Thank you Jorge for coming into my life, in the perfect moment!

Blessings for you every day!


Conocí a Jorge por recomendación de una amiga en un momento crítico de mi vida…, mi matrimonio de 28 años se desmoronaba.., me encontraba al borde de una fuerte depresión..!

En esos días todo lo veía obscuro estaba absolutamente des motivado, a la empresa asistía físicamente pero mi mente no me acompañaba.., había dejado de frecuentar a mis amigos mis dos hijos estudiaban en otros países y con mi ex la relación era un infierno…

Jorge me hablo de Quantum healing y de la fuerza que tenemos las personas para sanar..

Era la primera vez que conocía a alguien con tanta fe, en el poder de la energía.., cuando iniciamos las sesiones lo hice porque sabía que estaba muy mal y no tenía nada que perder.., nunca imagine el poder de sanación de Quantum.., menos aún conocía la fuerza espiritual de Jorge.

Al mes de terapia los síntomas depresivos comenzaron a sanar poco a poco volví a confiar en mí y a quererme nuevamente.., Jorge me recomendó leer varios libros que me ayudaron mucho entre esos , Descubre tu destino de Robín Sharma , Frequency de Penney Peirce y la maestría del amor de Don Miguel Ruiz …

A pasado año y medio desde que conocí a Jorge y puedo decir que he vuelto a ser el Frank de mis mejores años .. “mejorado” soy más equilibrado tengo plena conciencia de mis poderes, vivo en el presente y estoy remplazando los miedos por el amor infinito…, en la empresa me desenvuelvo mejor que antes.., me convertí en un mejor estratega.., a través de Quantum me potencie y he vuelto a retomar el control de mi vida en lo laboral, emocional y humano.., ahora sé que todos nacemos con un propósito y ese no es el acumular riquezas.., la mayor riqueza está en ayudar a otras personas..


I am not sure if I ever Thanked you for bring QT into my life. It has made a huge change for me in my life which I deeply appreciate the gift.

Thank you so much!!!


I had the pleasure of meeting Jorge and be introduced to Quantum while travelling to Quito, Ecuador. A series of coincidences and circumstances allowed me to have a first session while on a very tight travel schedule. I had not expectation or knowledge of what Quantum meant, however I approached this with an open mind.

Our first session was different from what I had experienced before, because of the physical manifestation of the work and deep feeling of relaxation achieved. Without any type of contact –while on face-to-face sessions (or remote sessions as I later learned) — the person being healed moves back and forth or in a circular manner while the feet remain anchored to the floor. This first part of the session, a sort of alignment, identifies the issues to be worked on the physical plain and during the rest of the session and allows great insight on what is needed from the physical or emotional perspective. At the end of the session, the physical and emotional benefits are evident.

Since then, I have had several sessions to work sports issues (neck, back, knee pain, tennis elbow); as well as emotional issues such as stress and anxiety with wonderful results. Working on balancing energy, wellbeing and physical needs has the added benefit of attracting more goodness into our lives, or so I have come to believe. Jorge is a wonderful person with a wonderful gift.